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Commissions Open

This quarter seems to be one of my more expensive set of classes yet. Ended up going in the negative in my bank account after a miscalculation on my part because of the excess spending for things like website hosting, domain names, printing jobs, etc.

*If you would like a commission, send me an email at with Commission somewhere in the subjects line, as well as your username of sorts.

Be as descriptive as you can. (pose, facial expression, etc.) Feel free to supply additional references

*For the colored sketch, I will draw out the sketch and check in with you before adding color.

*For Renders I will do a rough sketch and send it to you to see if that is what you wanted. Then will periodically check in with you with progress shots as It gradually gets done.
**2 alterations are allowed during the creation of the piece. Any additional after that will have charges.

*No Backgrounds this time around but objects such as boxes, books, chairs and things of those sorts can be done.
*sfw and nsfw are allowed.
**I hold the right to turn down any commission presented**

*Payments are done VIA PAYPAL
*Prices are written in US DOLLARS ($)
**For sketches; payment is done up front.
*For the renders; half up front, then the other half after the piece is finished.

*If you have any question on what I do or don’t do, please feel free to ask me. Via Note here or Email.

1) Taken
2) Reserved
3) Reserved

There are 2 slots left for this batch still.

fiddlemod asked:

Heya! I've been wanting to get into lowpoly modelling, but I'm not sure what like the upper polycount limit would be for a single character?



the common rule is <1000 polys for characters and and <500 for props or items

a rule i almost always cheat ahah. check the polycount forum theres a lowpoly thread with pretty good wireframe examples.


so i just extracted the eva model from the n64 evangelion game and it has 997 polygons with the power cable. So there you go. 

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